Sophie Bayer


The focus of this project is the intention to use the hospital chapel as a backdrop for various events. Through targeted interventions that respectfully confront the existing building, views, visual axes and insights are to be created. The functional consideration follows the approach of offering events such as weddings, small concerts, exhibitions, etc., which take place in the chapel, an additional setting in the form of lounges. Depending on requirements, these can be added or removed. For this purpose, the ceilings in the two side wings will be broken open in order to integrate the old roof truss as a design element into the new, more open space. For this purpose, a bar/kitchen element will be installed in both rooms, which will be used by catering companies. The western wing will be extended with a larger glass salon that opens towards Kapellenplatz in the north. The eastern wing will be extended by a conservatory salon into the somewhat more intimate courtyard to the right of the main entrance. Sanitary facilities and a depot for seating are located in a pavilion in the large courtyard behind a green wall that also serves as a projection screen. This part of the complex is designed as a square with a small baroque garden. The materials were chosen with a view to optimal integration into the existing building. Thus, Kelheim slabs, lime plaster and old wood are used in the interior. The salons themselves, on the other hand, prove to be largely transparent and filigree in their construction in order to leave the existing building as visible as possible while at the same time clearly standing out from it.