Maximilian Mohr

Wohnquartier Eich

The focus of this project is the development of a new residential quarter “in the countryside” adjacent to the existing Eich parish courtyard. The idea of an enclosing courtyard was taken up and supplemented by two elongated structures. A spacious communal open space with garden pavilions is created between the buildings. The two-storey buildings are accessed both on the ground floor and on the upper floor via an arcade. The arcades are positioned on the respective floors in such a way that they allow the greatest possible privacy in combination with a rewarding view from the various flats. In addition to generous open spaces for the community, each flat is equipped with either a garden or a balcony. The existing vicarage will be opened up to the general public in the sense of consumption-free use; the rooms can be used for leisure activities, making music or also for productive activities. The project thus focuses primarily on community and neighbourliness as well as on the idea of a self-sufficient residential community. Thanks to a solid timber construction and energy supply via photovoltaics and heat pumps, it should be possible to maintain the flats sustainably, efficiently and with low operating costs.