Rosa Diemling

HOLLE a center for Hohenwarth

The “Holle” project is based on the idea of creating a village centre that treats the existing structure with respect and complements and enhances the surrounding buildings in a targeted manner. Holle not only includes the plot to be planned in the concept, but also the existing community centre and the future traffic-calmed streets in the immediate vicinity. On the corner plot in question, the current On the corner plot, the current development will therefore be partially restored and framed by a visually contrasting annexe. With its striking roof, this new part forms the distinctive feature of the “Holle” project. The deliberately placed opening at the central street corner functions as an inviting gesture that addresses both the residents of Hohenwarth and visitors. The functional focal points of the project are the doctor’s surgery in the western part and the grocery store on the street side. The premises on the ground and upper floors, which offer space for offices, trade, services and also for living, complement the existing facilities in the village.