Maximilian Mohr

Zentrum Hohenwarth

The project at hand is based on the creation of an “L”-shaped building structure that follows the course of the land boundaries and offers both a doctor’s practice with three treatment rooms, a village grocery store and an assisted living facility with 15 residential units. Characterised by the prominent location directly next to the main road, the grocery store opens up in the ground floor zone, which is stocked with regional products, but also with those that are made at home. The doctor’s office with waiting room was designed directly adjacent to the grocery store. It is oriented towards the inner courtyard. The two upper floors house the 15 residential units (between 55-80m²), most of which face the inner courtyard. A closed arcade is proposed for access, which was also conceived as a meeting zone. Spatial extensions in this area allow the senior citizens to meet and exchange ideas. Another meeting zone was created in the form of a roof terrace.