Dario Schmid

Dorfmitte Hohenwarth

Based on the needs of the community, a new village centre is being developed, which should generate a corresponding added value for the inhabitants of Hohenwarth. The result is a building ensemble that blends in sensitively with the existing buildings and at the same time emphasises its independent character through the clear language of forms and materials. The three carefully proportioned new buildings, together with the two existing buildings, form an elongated space with a village-like character. By integrating the topography, the space is divided into three equal areas, which meet the different requirements both through the placement of the buildings and through targeted planting. The new village centre becomes a meeting zone through short-term uses such as shopping, post office, small business and doctor. At the same time, seating, play and catering facilities invite people to linger. This distribution of uses will also provide two attractive flats close to the centre. The surrounding wine producers are offered the opportunity to offer their products both in the restaurant and in the specially created vinotheque. The utilisation concept is rounded off by a large hall, which can also be rented for festive or communal events.