Jonathan Kaserer

Sozialraum Kirchberg

This design approach consciously takes a critical look at history. The location of a youth and cultural centre is intended to provide a purposeful counterbalance to the punitive forms of the last century. In work, play and movement spaces, the aim is to engage with culture and art, dance, theatre and handicrafts. In order to create an offer for adults as well, exhibition rooms, course and lecture rooms will be set up in the existing building as well as individual and group music rooms in the annexes, which will offer the possibility of music lessons for children, youths and adults. In this respect, the prison building is flanked by two extension buildings. In order to change the austerity and introversion of the existing building, the annexes are made of a transparent polycarbonate façade. An atrium is added to the taller structure. Coloured walls on the inside deliberately set accents.