Bernadette Roth


The project entitled “TreffKultur”, or “Treff” for short, is interpreted as a youth and cultural centre in the sense of a new centre for Kirchberg. Visitors to the house are invited through a high degree of transparency to accept the offer of an open house and to contribute something in terms of content in a community environment. In the new barrier-free entrance area, there is a foyer with a bar and a lounge area that is also suitable for regulars’ meetings. The new multi-purpose hall is designed to meet the requirements of village life. The possibilities range from private events to lectures, citizens’ meetings, cabaret evenings or music events, etc.. The central access core enables barrier-free access to the existing building and ensures short distances across all floors. The existing building will be equipped with new functions. The ground floor houses the administration, a small library and the youth centre, which also has a separate entrance. The upper floor will become the exhibition level, and the basement will be used for storage and building services. The multifunctional concept of the centre is also reflected in the exterior design.