Mona Zawosta

KUNSTHAUS – Experiencing art together

Within the framework of this project, a new and contemporary use is being created for the community of Kirchberg am Wagram in the former prison house. Artists, art lovers and citizens can come together in this place and experience art together. The new and open access situation with the character of a forecourt connects with the existing centre of the village and will be visible from afar in the course of the siting of the new one-storey extension. A multi-functional room for various events, a self-service café with an outdoor area, an art library, communal rooms and various flats for artists and temporary guests provide a contemporary mix of uses. Artists have various rooms at their disposal, such as a workshop or a photo studio, where they can practice and live their work. In the former prisoners’ movement room, a permanent exhibition of the prison will be set up to preserve the memories of this place. Likewise, the garden and the trees will remain as far as possible. In the corridor area of the existing building, seating and art niches will be inserted to transform the corridor into a lounge and communication area. In the course of this project, Kirchberg am Wagram will have the opportunity to strengthen the exchange between artists, art lovers and citizens.