Bernarda Ehrenhöfer

H E I M [ F I N D E N ]

The present project considers the Rieck-Hof as a relic of the past. Increased migration to urban areas has led to increased vacancies in the municipality of Pulkau. Young people in particular feel little incentive to stay in their communities and are moving to urban areas. These factors are leading to a change in the age structure. However, older generations are looking for a place where they can age in dignity. With the planned adaptation and new use of the existing premises, an upswing in this respect is to be brought about and the social structure of the village is to be strengthened in a targeted manner. From the historical substance of the yard as well as the newly won areas a familiar place for older people is worked out, who find their “home” here. In addition, meeting houses will be built to specifically connect the generations, improve social interaction and encourage generations to spend time together and learn from each other. Young and old become creative together in the project at hand and purposefully lure one or the other out of their comfort zone.