Bernadette Roth


The aim of the project is to create a trusting environment for people who need physical, mental or social support in coping with everyday life. For the residents of the 16 planned private rooms with their own bathrooms, an open environment with a café, multi-purpose room and creative workshop will be designed in which they can cook, work, live and work together. In addition, the generous outdoor space, which is divided into a courtyard and garden, invites residents to garden and linger. For the Pulkauer youth there is still a separate area on the building site. In the course of revitalizing the site as a place of lodging, the focus is also on preserving the townscape. A new building will replace a large portion of the existing desolate structures. The facade of the new building facing the street will be formally adapted to the neighborhood. The façade facing the property, on the other hand, consisting of brick and concrete, gives the courtyard a new character.