Karl Zulus

Werkschule Röhrenbach

The present project pursues the idea of creating a school of works on the site of the no longer used vicarage, as well as a series of farm buildings arranged around a courtyard that were only used intermittently. From the point of view of the project author, this site is better suited than any other to be a training and further education centre for the art of building from the 12th to the 19th century. Therefore, a training building (fresco school) is to be installed at a technically manageable cost, and the farm buildings are to be used as a training building yard for various professions. A training centre is being developed that is dedicated to the building practices of the last centuries that are increasingly being forgotten. Target groups from a wide variety of fields – from apprentice craftsmen to university lecturers – are to be addressed as the target group. The heart of the complex remains the vicarage building, which is to essentially retain its external appearance after the renovation. A significant element of the design is the replacement of a subordinate farm building in the centre of the complex with a multifunctional building that opens up on all sides and thus represents a connecting element between the farm yard and the forecourt of the vicarage (former kitchen garden) as well as the play garden. This building structure is to be used in a variety of ways and can be used as an assembly hall as well as an auditorium, drawing room, sculpture workshop or small stage.