Elisabeth Prantner

Dorf Piazza + Ostello

The project at hand is dedicated to the area of the parish courtyard and the adjoining facilities. It envisages the creation of an “ostello” and a “piazza” in two stages:

Part l – Village Piazza // The large forecourt of the vicarage grounds has been used by the citizens of Röhrenbach for several years and mainly for events of community associations, such as the rural youth. Therefore, the communal and public use of the wings and the large inner courtyard should be maintained. The side wings with the various club uses are accessed by a connecting arcade and at the same time form the “PIAZZA” Röhrenbach. The open corridor is intended to strengthen communication and the sense of community among the community members and to architecturally enhance the existing square.

Part ll – Village Ostello // The parish courtyard and thus the main building of the complex has high ceilings and an ideal orientation of the common rooms towards the south. Above all, however, due to the hotel-like typology of the existing building, a hostel (ital. OSTELLO) for young people, such as school classes, cyclists on the well-known cycle path, or nature lovers is to be created in the former vicarage. With small interventions, the special features of the existing building are to be brought to the fore and a new use is to be offered for the unusual site on the edge of the forest.